BC Energy Step Code Airtightness Training Registration now open

Learn how to detail an air barrier now and prepare for the BC Energy Step Code airtightness standards with hands-on training held near you. 

This one day training covers air-tightness from top to bottom in a day. Starting with a short discussion on what an air barrier is, and how to define it on your project,  the day quickly becomes a hands-on class that details how an air barrier is made, how it fits at a ceiling junction, how it connects to the foundation or slab, how it works around balconies, decks, and overhangs,  and how it connects to plumbing, sprinklers and vents.

New decorative patterns from Thermacork now in stock

AISOL BarCode 1000x500x50mm.jpg

Three beautiful new patterns produced by CNC are a stirring way to add a sophisticated yet natural feel to interior or exterior spaces. The panels are produced using the 100% natural decorative grade cork. All scrap and dust from machining is returned back into the manufacturing process with 0% waste.  The panels are sound absorbent like all other expanded cork and give a quote natural feel to any environnment.  Patterns are available for immediate shipment in USA and Canada.

New designs are two sizes of the WAVE and BAR CODE as seen here. More designs are coming soon.

Swiss Maker SIGA Brings Two New Breakthrough Membranes to Market


NEW! Finally!! A Self Adhered Exterior Membrane that will apply in cold weather without a Primer.

Love the ease of installation and sense of confidence you get from a high quality self-adhered membrane?  Tired of applying them with primers or having to wait for better weather? In February??

Your membrane just arrived into stock.

SIGA Majvest 500 SA applies in cold temperatures and without a primer. Installation temperature: -10C/14F

SIGA Majvest 500 SA is a vapor-permeable, 3-ply membrane, with the reverse face fully coated by a pressure-sensitive glue for direct bonding to substrates. The adhesive side of the sheet is protected by a white, siliconized, split-release liner which is removed during installation. Primer-free adhesion to most common building materials, including concrete, plywood, gypsum, and metal. Narrower 18” roll size, for use in construction sequencing, pre-stripping, and smaller sections of the wall field in above-grade wall applications.

See the installation details here       See the membrane in the USA store here.

SORRY! AVAILABLE IN USA ONLY! Available in Canada late Spring 2018

NEW SIGA Majrex directional vapor control membrane


Wouldn't it be nice if you could ask your wood framed building assembly to take direction? From you?

Now it can.  

Swiss membrane maker SIGA has created the worlds first directional vapor control membrane. The class of "Intelligent membranes" started the process off by allowing vapor permanence to self adjust and follow relative humidity. Thats good... but it can be tricky... since the water vapor can travel in either direction. And the more vapor there is, the more it can flow. in any direction its driven. That's not the best case when you're trying to dry out a wood-framed building.   

Utilizing SIGA's new Hygrobrid technology, Majrex is the vapor control layer that allows moisture travel in only one direction. Now you can control the drying direction of your assembly. Even better, is that you can also create "directional assemblies". The "directional" aspect allows you to create a wall assembly that will have a significantly higher permeance to let water "leave" the assembly, while the reverse pathway "into" the assembly has a very low vapor permeance to inhibit the inbound flow. The same directional aspects can be set into a roof assembly design: Encourage moisture to leave the assembly with high permanence and discourage moisture from entering with low permeance.  

This protects the interior of the wall assembly from damaging moisture penetration and allows the cavity to release moisture into the interior of the space (as well as to the exterior if one is using a vapor-open exterior membrane, such as SIGA Majvest), while preventing moisture intake from the inside. 

New! Sanden CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters are in stock and ready for delivery at Small Planet Supply

Efficiency that is truly revolutionary

We are excited to bring CO2 heat pump technology to North America this winter with a new series of UL/CSA listed heat pump hot water heaters from Sanden of Japan.

The system replaces standard heat pump refrigerants with CO2, which dramatically increases the efficiency, while eliminating the global warming potential of standard refrigerants. It's a double whammy of effectiveness achieved by collecting CO2 from manufacturing waste streams.

At a capacity of 15,000 BTU/hr, the system can be a simple dedicated hot water heater, or can be designed into a COMBI SYSYEM that supplies both domestic hot water (DHW) and heat for your energy efficient home (space conditioning).

Space conditioning delivery methods can range from hot water radiators to a full radiant floor system. Contact us for more information. Read more about Sanden.


Building Envelope Products

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

To bring down the cost of heating, you have to stop heat loss! Making sure your project is as air tight as possible is the name of the game! We offer multiple lines of products that make sure your building retains all of its heat by closing up any holes, cracks or thermal bridges that slowly sap heat. With a very tight building envelope, the heat load is reduced and comfort is improved.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Have you heard the acronym HVR but didn't know exactly what it was? Or are you an HVAC master? What's the difference between and HRV and an ERV? We have all the information for the first time Recovery Ventilator buyer all the way to ventilation professionals! Diagrams, Charts, and product lists all at your disposal all in one place! We've made it easy to follow so that your Ventilator choice is the right fit for your project!

Passive House Specialists

As a member of the CertiPHIers Cooperative, we support affordable, local service. It's the same with Passive House Development. We see a growing industry needing increased access to quick and affordable building certification to the international Passive House Standard. We see a need for more educational opportunities and more tools that can be used by local practitioners in local units.